Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What is supremacy? Nothing but the Samy Vellu syndrome

Seems to me there is too much talk on Malay supremacy.
To me, it's an issue that is blown out of proportion.
The Malays are not out to say their blood is better than others.
The non-Malays just want to put a decent meal on the table without giving away another meal for nothing.
I remember telling someone, that you are great not because of the number of people who served under you, but because of the number of people YOU have SERVED.
There are a few people out there with rational heads, ex-Senator Zaid being one of them.
With the BN (actually UMNO) politicising this issue, they are again committing political suicide.
I call this the Samy Vellu syndrome. Someone who thinks they speak on behalf of the WHOLE community.
Hello, UMNO, what makes you think you speak for the Malays? Half of them didn't even vote for you on March 08.
If the NEP had worked, we wouldn't see most of our rural villagers still living in wooden houses on stilts.
Yes, UMNO, I'm sure they live like that cos' they love it. Only you can save the Malays from themselves and poverty.
You can have your elections in March. That's only to determine who will try to save your party come 2013.
I said,"He'll TRY".

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