Friday, June 15, 2012

To the friend who asked me for advice:

You need to hear one thing first: You will get through this.

It won’t be easy and there is no way to make it different from what it is and certainly if you can refrain from punching the next person who suggests that it is a blessing in disguise or a learning opportunity you are on the path to enlightenment.

Let’s not pretend. This is going to be a tough period for you.

But know this: You will find you have more strength than you realized. You will find you can give up things you thought you needed but you actually don’t.

You will need all your strength. So be careful not to undercut yourself.

You deserve better. But you will have to fight for what you deserve.

So fight!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Learn to Love

Learn to love

Learn to love the challenges, and you will grow stronger. 

Learn to love putting forth effort, and you'll find yourself becoming more capable and effective.

Learn to love making a positive contribution, and your life will grow richer. 

Learn to love being around people who are different than you, and you'll gain many valuable new perspectives.

Learn to love discovering what you do not know, and your knowledge will greatly expand. 

Learn to love truly listening, and your wisdom will increase.

Learn to love giving, and your life will be blessed. 

Learn to love being thankful, and you'll know real abundance.

Learn to love the ordinary moments, and you'll find each day filled with warm golden treasures. 

Learn to love simply being, and you'll rise to a whole new level of awareness.

Learn to love something about each day, and your days will bring rich fulfillment. 

Learn to love, and you'll know how to live.

-- Ralph Marston