Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Never too old to be young again

By Joseph J. Mazzella
    An early morning winter storm had dumped several inches of snow here in the mountains of my home. Schools were cancelled, roads were treacherous, and all I wanted to do was stay in bed. Still, I knew I had to get the day started so I bundled up and walked outside. The snow was over my shoes. The cold wind was chapping my lips. My 47 year old back ached in anticipation of the shoveling I would have to do if the snow didn’t stop soon.

    Yet, when I looked out on the crystal blanket that covered the ground I couldn’t help but smile a bit. It was so beautiful. It softened the bare trees and hid the dead grass. In the distance I could hear the sound of the snow plow on the road, the barking of a happy dog, and the laughter of children playing outside, enjoying their day off from school.

    The sweet music of that laughter brought back a hundred memories of Winters past. I remembered catching snowflakes on my tongue, building snowmen, making snow angels, sledding down hills, and always losing the snowball fights with first my brothers and then my own children. Standing there in that warm coat of remembering made the wind a little less cold and my back a little less sore. I turned up my head, stuck out my tongue, and for the first time in years caught a snowflake on it. It tasted so fresh and clean. It tasted like youth, like joy, and like love. I looked up to the Heavens and Thanked God for all of my memories and for the simple truth that you are never too old to be young again.

    May you always feel young in spirit no matter how old or achy your body may be. May you always delight in the simple joys of life. May you always share your happiness with the heart of a child. And may you always give your love, your light, your laughter, and your warmth to others even on the coldest of days.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Advice to my daughter

I wish that I could turn back the clock and reveal some of these lessons to my younger self, but then again, I needed to learn them on my own (just as my children do). 
However, like every parent does, I will offer my advice anyway.
My dearest Estelle,
Please read this at different points in your life and know that you are loved beyond measure.
1. If he tells you that he doesn’t deserve you, believe him.
2. If he tells you that you don’t deserve him, run!
3. Do something that you enjoy all by yourself once in a while. Enjoy your own company and learncomfort in silence.
4. Love stories can be beautiful and artistic. Don’t strive to achieve anything similar, but let them inspire love. Strive to equate inspiration with real experiences, not with fictional ones.
5. If it feels good, that does not mean it is good for you. Always ponder this.
6. Don’t be afraid to disagree with people.
7. Friendship should feel good.
8. Sometimes walking away is far more courageous than staying.
9. Be discriminating. You’re not meant to like everyone.
10. People will dislike you; don’t dwell on it.
11. Never act mean to fit in.
12. Take chances; you’re not meant to have all the answers.
13. Take a yoga class at least once in your adult life.
14. Be authentic; go against the grain sometimes.
15. Trust that feeling in your stomach; it will never fail you.
16. Always wear underwear; it’s gross not to.
17. You will get your heart broken; you will recover.
18. There may be a love that you never quite get over. You may always feel a longing—and that’s ok. It means that you’ve loved deeply, and was strong enough to let go.
19. You may break someone’s heart. Forgive yourself. We’re all just trying to be happy.
20. Hopefully, 
I will write a new letter to you in 10 years.
21. Never believe in anything blindly. Use discernment. Question.
22. Forgiveness doesn’t require clinging to a toxic connection. Release what doesn’t serve you. Forgiveness is mostly for your own inner peace.
23. In every heartbreak, every rage, and every single milestone, you are loved beyond measure.
24. You’re most beautiful when you’re being kind.
25.  It’s ok if you don’t enjoy cooking, cleaning and do not gravitate toward “home-making.” Neither do I. Don’t ever try to fit a mold. Break them.
26. Find a partner that wants a companion, not a second mother.
27. You’re worthy of the very best. Whatever “it” is, you deserve it all!
28. You’ll make mistakes. Make them. That’s where growth happens.
29. Learn from those mistakes because if you continue to make them, they are no longer mistakes but choices.
30. Look good to feel good but don’t let your looks define you. Your beauty is great and it comes from many channels.
31. Don’t diet. Try to be healthy. That is the best diet and the only one that works.
32. Have faith. People are mostly good.
33. Be responsible for the energy that you bring into a room.
34. Apologize if you feel remorseful. Do it quickly.
35. Go away with your girlfriends at least once.
36. Try to keep at least one childhood connection. The friends that witnessed what helped shape you are sacred and irreplaceable.
37. Reserve the right to change your mind.
38. Be vulnerable, and open. There’s so much beauty in that.
39. Surround yourself with positive people that are trying to be better. If you are gravitating toward negative ones, take notice.
40. Guard your thoughts. They create your reality.

My love, you are the universe’s answer to my most heartfelt prayer. I’ve never prayed harder for another human being than when I was pregnant with you.
You are a gift. Wherever you go, be the light.
Your Daddy

It Won't Be (The Mind of a Winner)

By Bob Perks

If you fail, it won't be because you didn't try. 

The real journey to success is lined with failure.

If you lose it won't be because you didn't want to win.  

The mind of a winner is already thinking about the next challenge.

If you fall down it won't be because you weren't standing tall and sure footed.  

The important thing is always get back up and adjust your stance.

If you don't finish first in the race it won't be because you didn't run fast enough.  

It means that someone ran faster than you...this time!

If you weep because you lost someone you loved dearly,it won't be because you lost faith in God.  

The more you love the more you feel the pain of loss.  

Having wept, means having loved so deeply and your faith is strong.

If you stop and change direction, it won't be because you didn't know where you were going.  

It is because, like a ship on the ocean, one must always adjust sails to avoid the storms. 

The voyage may be longer but the destination will be the same.

If you are proud of yourself it won't be because you are egotistical and self centered.  

It means that you have chosen to live by higher standards than many.

You see my friend, it won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What should you be thankful for?

Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire.
  If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

Be thankful when you don't know something,
  for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times.
  During those times you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations,
  because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenge,
  because it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes.
  They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful when you're tired and weary,
  because it means you've made a difference.

It's easy to be thankful for the good things. 
  A life of rich fulfillment comes to those who are also thankful for the setbacks.

Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive. 
  Find a way to be thankful for your troubles, and they can become your blessings

Monday, January 13, 2014

Why my customers will never get discounts from me

Discounting is only appropriate for in the following two scenarios:
  •   strategic retail promotions (e.g. introducing new products)
  •  to fix buying mistakes (bought too much or wrong products) and it is not moving
Q: How do you know when a product is not moving?
A: When the stockturn (or sell-through rate) is below the benchmark for that category – and only then. 

The Game - Bill of Rights

There are many men and women in this world who feel alone. There are many who are frustrated with and often angry at the opposite sex. There are many who go through months or years or even a lifetime without ever having the connection they yearn for, while they watch others who seem to be having all the fun or all the luck. 
They need support, not shame. They already spend enough time shaming themselves as it is. And they need good advice that helps them, because one bad experience with a phony pickup artist or dating coach can lead them to end their journey to passion, happiness, connection, and self-actualization before it's even started.
By Neil Strauss

We hold these truths to be self-evident that:
1.    Most single people would like to meet potential romantic and/or sexual partners.

 2.    While some men and women are comfortable interacting with people they're attracted to, many are not.

 3.    Some people are naturally charming, interesting, and attractive; others are naturally awkward, nervous, and uncertain.

 4.    Those who are not naturally comfortable around people who interest them have a right to learn to improve their social, conversational, emotional, and attraction skills and intelligence.

 5.    Similarly, those who are approached have a right to their own space, to decline an unwelcome conversation, or to choose not to meet someone new.

 6.    People's biggest fear is social humiliation. Whether you are approaching or approached, treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
            a. As the one who is approaching, do not make others uncomfortable, harass them, invade their personal space, or be dishonest with them.
            b. Similarly, if you're approached and do not want to talk to the person, remember that he or she is probably just as sensitive as you are and be polite. If you feel compelled to be rude, consider instead providing constructive feedback about their approach.

7.    It is not intrinsically bad to seek casual sex, nor is it intrinsically good to seek a relationship. Neither is morally better than the other. What is important is that both people's expectations are the same.

8.    Consent is crucial and non-negotiable.

9.    If you want to learn how to attract the opposite sex, you must start doing things that are attractive to them. These include being more interesting, confident, humorous, self-aware, empathic, authentic, positive, well-rounded, and spiritual. Ultimately, to form relationships with others more successfully, you actually have to become a better person.

10.    Although the most common fears of meeting and dating involve rejection, not only does nothing good come from these fears but it gives others false power over you. Rather than seeking validation and esteem from others, get your esteem from within.

11.    Do not let yourself be shamed out of trying to improve yourself. However, be empathic to those who are critical of the community. Some women feel less safe in this culture due to some of the men in it. So anything that appears to empower men even more is going to be unwelcome and quite possibly terrifying.

12.    Date responsibly. Every approach, every sexual encounter, every romance you are in, do your best to ensure that the person not only doesn't regret the experience but is better off for having had it.

13.    Safe sex is mandatory. However, there is no such thing as safe love. It is a risk of the heart. But it is well worth the reward.