Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Reflections on past 12 months

Interestingly, I have been experimenting a few things on myself from the last one year. 
I thought that, I can’t change and get out of my current situation. 
Why don’t I change myself? 
Changing your mindset is very important. 
Rejections, frustrations, recognition, compliments, up-votes, views does not affect me. 
I have just only one goal. Keep focusing on my work ,what I love to do.
The real recipe of success is that, if you don’t try again after failures, you will never stand out among the crowd. 
Here is the magic of success. 
If I fail the 1st time, I will try for 2nd,3rd, 4th and even 100 times. 
I give my 100% effort. 
If I failed despite putting tremendous efforts, I will not have any regrets.
I have nothing to prove to the outside world. 
I have to prove to myself. 
Yes, I can do something in real life. 
That is my ultimate goal of my life. 
I work hours and hours to reach my goal.
It’s about self satisfaction to create something of value. 
There is no hurry. 
I will continue improving gradually.
It takes time. 
I don’t give up. 
I try every single day to improve myself. 
I will continue my efforts to improve my life. 
It’s true that I have lost some crucial time of my life due to the procrastination and laziness. 
But the situation will not change until I start some productive work right NOW.
It’s time to change. 
I feel the inner peace and calmness of my mind.
If you don’t experiment using different techniques to improve your skill, you will never able to reach your goal.
 Most importantly, don’t overthink to start any initiatives. 
If you think that you will do, just start from right now. 
Otherwise, your ideas will be confined in a box. 
It will never be implemented.
Keep trying, keep fighting and make a positive change. 
Success does not come from talent. 
It comes from positive mindset and hard work with smart ways. 
Give your 100% effort. 
Never give up.
I have learnt one thing from my life. 
Hard work always outperforms talent.

Thursday, April 12, 2018


You are now at a crossroads. 
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This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. 
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Forget your past. 
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Who are you now? 
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Who have you decided you really are now? 
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Don't think about who you have been. 
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Who are you now? 
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Who have you decided to become? 
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Make this decision consciously. 
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Make it carefully. 
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Make it powerfully
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