Monday, September 05, 2016

You think you have a problem?

Everyone has problems.
Different ones.
People complain that they have work problems. All the time.
I tell them, the company or boss pays your salary? For WHAT?
This is exactly why we pay for something. 
There is a price to solve a problem. 
We are willingly paying a lot of money to solve our problems, as long as it is affordable, convenient and solved. 
We always pay for solutions –
  • We pay banks interest to finance our home purchase so that we have a place to stay
  • We pay the mechanics to make our car running again
  • We pay the doctors to prescribe our illnesses so that we can recover and back on our feet again
This is so obvious. But yet many people ignore the fact.
You want to have a pay raise but you don’t want more problems to solve in your current job.
Your company can’t grow because when you face a problem, you get back to your comfort zone.
Remember this, opportunity is everywhere. Identify a problem, and offer your solution to it. Then others will be happy to pay you over and over again. So that you will be happy too.
Tell me, what problem can you solve now?