Monday, March 07, 2016

The Five W's

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I thought I had learned a lot. But obviously not.
An old man told me, that there are still some things I haven't "put down" or "let go".
The question Why should be the last of your questions. And no need to answer it sometimes.
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1. WHO
Who you are is what makes you special.
Don't just change because someone asked you to, but because you need to.
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What's ahead will be a mystery. Gather courage to explore!
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3. WHEN and this is paramount.
When Life pushes you, PUSH BACK HARDER!
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and if there are choices to be made, make the one you feel you don't need to regret later.
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5. and finally WHY.
The reason why things happen. I finally learned that sometimes it's just not important at all.
Take it in stride and MOVE FORWARD
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