Friday, April 24, 2009

When are you too old for anything?

The answer is NEVER!
I thought about this when I remember a conversation with my elder brother. He was 32 when he got divorced. He told me,"I'm 32, you think I'll be able to attract a woman again?"
I was flabbergasted.
I gave him the example of our father, who remarried and managed to father our step-brother at the age of 62.
So, I replied,"well, you have 30 years to break our dad's record.".
Since then, my brother has remarried. TWICE.
Also, for those who think you're too old to start a business or for work, think again.
Sam Walton started Walmart when he was FORTY FIVE (usually people in Malaysia are looking to "retire" 10 years after that age) and became a billionaire 10 years later.

Q. When is "too old"? At what age do we give up?

A. At 100, Grandma Moses was still painting.

At 98, Titian painted "Battle of Lepants"

At 93, George Bernard Shaw wrote "Farfetched Fables."

At 91, Samon de Valera served as president of Ireland.

At 90, Pablo Picasso still drew and engraved.

At 89, Arthur Rubinstein gave a recital in Carnegie Hall.

At 88, Pablo Casals still performed cello concerts.

At 82, Winston Churchill wrote the four-volume work, "A History of the English-Speaking Peoples"

At 82, Leo Tolstoy wrote "I Cannot Be Silent"

At 82, Goethe finished "Faust"

At 81, Benjamin Franklin engineered the diplomacy that led to the adoption of the US Constitution.

Your age is in your HEART and SPIRIT.


shanghaistephen said...

Hey ! I'm 54 and I've got the energy of a 30 ! You are what you feel and like someone begins everytime you wake-up and give "thanks" to the Maker for a brand new day !
"Carpe'Diem "

Tiger said...

Hey Stephen,
I realised your age when you told me you graduated from SGI in the 70s.
And you're right, I am a Tiger from King Edward VII Taiping.
Nice to know another Taipingite on the Net!