Friday, April 03, 2009

Cheng Beng / Ming

This weekend, will go back to Taiping with my eldest sister and elder brother.
Strange, I never did like doing Cheng Beng / Ming (pronounciation on whether you're Hokkien or Cantonese) when I was a kid.
And now, as an adult, suddenly I realise the Confucian-ness values of doing so.
Without our grandparents, there wouldn't be our parents. And without the existence of our parents, there certainly wouldn't be us.
Whatever it is the reason for them to bring us into this world, it was also up to them to bring us up.
The time, effort and love involved in raising a child.
Last night, I held Ewan as I rocked him to sleep. Couldn't believe how tranquil it made me feel. Watching him slowly close his eyes and then to the land of dreams.
I hope one day, when I go, he will dilligently come to my resting place (at least once annually) and say, I miss you, Dad.

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