Thursday, March 05, 2009

Looking at the big picture

I thought of the political situation in this country.
Then I realise that they can rant and rave all they want, but they themselves are going hungry at the end of the day.
I have a family to feed, with another child on the way.
I have a house to pay for.
I have a car to pay for.
So, I look at all these SoPo bloggers' posts.
My first thought is, if you're financed by someone, it's alright, I suppose.
If you don't have any outstanding debts / loans / hire-purchases, then you have nothing to worry about.
I liked Anas Zubedy's full page ad, although it also acts as a very good PR tool for his company.
I'm back to my "Buddha" zone. That's what someone called me when I said, why worry, conflicts have a way of burning themselves out.
I really don't care anymore. Yes, it's my home state, Perak.
But frankly, I don't give a DAMN.
I always believed in something called Justice, and always will.
The Chinese believe in something called "Po Yeng", and it means retribution. By God.
The Man Upstairs is always watching, and whatever name you choose to call him, be it Allah, Buddha, Jesus, Lord Muruga or any thing else, will give you your dues on Judgement Day.
Someone in that pro-UMNO blog called me pretending to be "holier than thou".
Very well, let's see who lives a happier life then.
When I posted a comment there that we should be working on improving the country and the economy instead of getting racist and seditious, the blog owner (name not worth mentioning) asked who am I to be saying that.
Very good, Mr. Know it All. Just continue spewing garbage out of your mouth and see how much good it does you and everyone else.
I'm working on a project to bring exports out of this country. If it works, it's additional RM6 million revenue for this country.
I'm putting all my efforts into it and other avenues that will benefit my company and country.
I know that if it helps my company, it is helping to pay my salary and my colleagues'.
So, we should all start looking at the big picture.
I read a report that USD 40 billion revenue will be lost in the shipping industry this year. I cannot imagine if that same amount were to happen to our country.
Leave the politicking to the politicians.
Let's carry on doing good, honest work.
If Justice prevails, and It will, the situation will be back to normal.
I have a theory, and I think there's a scientific name for it somewhere but I don't know. I call it the Equillibrium theory.
That when any situation is altered, the elements in the situation will react to make the situation back to it's normal state.
I suppose the short summary for it will be,"And this too........will pass".
As usual, I will leave a quote from one of my favourite persons.

The truth is incontrovertible.
Malice may attack it, and ignorance may deride it,
but in the end, there IT is.

- Sir Winston Churchill

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