Thursday, May 07, 2009

The end of journalistic integrity in Malaysia

I used to read all the English papers available.
Then I gave up reading NST because it was so full of propaganda BS, especially after March 08.
Recently I have stopped reading The Star because it is also full of useless articles.
My only paper to read now is the Malay Mail. It is also special because it is one of 2 papers that does investigative reporting.
When I heard Ahiruddin Attan aka Rocky Bru would be appointed CEO of Malay Mail, I almost regurgitated my breakfast.
There it goes.
The end of journalistic integrity in Malaysia.
He sold out! Actually, a lot of people knew he sold out earlier, when it became quite obvious after the KT byelection.
Hmm, looks like my only alternative is to wake up early and pick up the Sun from the 7-11 before freeloaders get there.
A very sad day for mainstream media in this country.


masterwordsmith said...


I only read The Sun and objective online news portals.

Dark days ahead, my friend.

Take care.

Tiger said...

Thanks, MWS.
Slim pickings from the media then, if not for online news (and that if they're objective as well).