Thursday, February 19, 2009

Of proof and Elizabeth Wong

2008 was good for many things.

Humbling of banks.

Great golf.

And Malaysians got to know who Elizabeth Wong is.

She's been an activist for a long time, and it's great that panned out into a political career for her too.

Barely a year after she was elected, a scandal breaks out about her.

It's disgusting in Malaysia how a victim can be painted to be the guilty one. Of course, BN controls the mass media, so they can use it to project whatever views THEY want.

Why is BN asking for proof that they started this whole scandal?

First, the people should ask them, is there a need for proof?

You see, in a crime, first, the motive must be established above anything else.

For instance, in the assasination of JPK, Jack Ruby/Lee Harvey Oswald said,"The culprit isn't me, it's the person who would benefit most (from this murder)".

To me, it seems like Lyndon B. Johnson was the biggest beneficiary.

After all, he became President.

Now, who is the biggest beneficiary from seeing a PR assemblyperson being scandalised?


Not her stupid "boyfriend".

It would be Khir Toyo and gang.

And to think he had the gall to ask people to resign.

What she did was something of integrity. She quit because she didn't want PR to be scandalised together with her.

Integrity is something very alien to BN people because they have no clue what it means.

So, with the motive established, do we still need proof?


This event has become another reason for the people to HATE BN.

Thank you, BN, for driving another nail into your own coffin.

Btw, for a list of all the crimes Khir Toyo has committed against the citizens of Malaysia, pls go here:

I hereby demand an arrest (police or citizen's) of Khir Toyo and immediate prosecution. Even if he's not brought in, his immediate family will suffer from the curses of the people for all the money he has robbed from them.

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