Saturday, February 21, 2009

My work is done

Had a unpleasant online encounter with one of those UMNO radicals. It's like walking through a beautiful garden called the Internet and then accidentally stepped on dog poo. You didn't mean for it to happen but it did.
All I did was pass a comment because most of the comments in this Demi Negara blog was getting racist / seditious. I forgot, they ARE racist.
And for them to accuse me of being racist against Malays, hahaha, that was funny. Or even Islam-phobic. Just because I said that Malays / Muslims becoming apostates are their own personal business.
First, and foremost, my preferred leader is Nik Aziz. Hmm, yes, so I want a Malay leader and still I'm racist? You gotta be kidding, I have Malay friends AND relatives too.
To me, Islam is a beautiful religion, and I feel that it's amazing that Muslims think of God 5 times a day. Do YOU think of God at least ONCE a day?
Then the threats came. Physical violence. And racially-tinted insults too.
The surprising thing was that this KijangMas or whoever had a good grasp of the language. Good enough to string a sentence with good grammar for someone who was so uncouth and uncultured.
Using some language akin to Manglish in his blog to signify the low standards of BM among non-Malays.
Condescending, impervious to logic nor reason.
Rilek lah brader. Oi bang, jangan gitu. Wak, boleh sabar tak? I also can speak "pelat" Malay, ok?
He's such a bloody moron, I probably scored higher in BM than him in SRP and SPM, unless he also scored A1.
The same kind of munafiq who fights for halal standards but buka puasa in a hotel that is not halal. (Pop quiz: Who can tell me how many halal hotels there are in this country? Zero?)
Questions about the blueness of my IC arose. As if my father arrived on the shores of this country on 30 August 1957 and 1 day later was given citizenship in exchange for nothing.
I told my friends last night about this joker and one of them laughed like hell. He is a Chinese who can easily trace his ancestry back to 550 years ago when they settled in this country.
So I asked myself, for someone who seems educated, why is he such a hooligan?
Someone who benefitted somehow from NEP, got sent to US / UK for an education but never grew beyond his coconut shell.
Yes, you can take the UMNO radical out of Malaysia, but you can't take the radical out of UMNO Malaysia.
Demi Negara KONONnya.
He was even smart enough to know Bobby is derived from Robert. Hmm, shocking.
Now, for a surprise. It's partly my fault.
I shouldn't have provoked them. God knows how I landed in that blog, I remember it must've been mentioned in MT or somewhere.
Funny thing, he called me a failed blogger. Hmm, how does one fail at blogging? The number of hits? Yes, I admit I got carried away on the political stuff.
Fail as a blogger like him, ok, but at least I don't fail as a human being. I'm decent to people and I respect their opinions. This guy has the audacity to tell people not to enter his blog if they don't agree with his opinion. Typical UMNO arrogance.
Watching Punisher last night was only good for 1 thing (sorry, Fireangel, you were right, CRAP SHOW!). I remembered Matthew 7:2.

"For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."

So, with that, I realised that I had lost my focus.
The original purpose of starting this blog was to be used to record down my thoughts, after all, I was never good with a diary.
Hate begets hate, and negativity generates more negativity. The vibes of this blog had been all negative (about BN and all that). No more judging BN and whoever.
New "old" direction: This blog is for personal thoughts and for keeping memories of the family.
Anything political, will only use my vote and influence during election time. No need for any more political comments.
It will be good to follow my collegemate's example that way. Passive way of demonstrating your disagreement.
So, what's with the title? Yes, the work is done.
Summary of politics
1. The pro-change blogs way outnumber the pro-BN blogs. When RPK goes, there will be 1 thousand RPKs created. So, leave it to them to continue the good work.
2. Realised that some BN political blogs are so low-class that they have to resort to name-calling, racism etc. Like I said, it's like stepping in dog-poo. So, why bother with them when they continue to drive people away from their corner?
3. PR must realise that they are different from other coalitions that used to come together every election time. BN can continue shouting racist slogans to isolate themselves from the real issues.
Also, calling the Trengganu King "natang" (animal) last year but then this year suddenly choose to defend my favourite Sultan.
4. Malays: 60% of population, 3 parties to choose from. Chinese, 3 parties. Indians, 8% of population but 8 parties to choose from. That's the real problem for them.
5. Malaysian' memories are too short. The current hot topic will only last until the next hot topic. I expect Eli Wong's issue to be over within the next week.

My name is Ong Keng Hsing, and Bobby was given as a name by my mother 25 years ago because her favorite TV show at that time was Dallas (you know, Bobby Ewing).
My address is 7, Jalan Merpati, Taman Kamunting, 34600 Taiping.
I am Malaysian, and I will bleed on the flag of Malaysia to keep the red stripes red. Although Chinese by ethnicity, but I have absolutely no problems with anyone who is of different ethnicity.
I am Buddhist, and by that, I mean the Buddhist way of life. I do not believe in the Taoist elements. I also have absolutely no problems with anyone who is Christian or Muslim or any other religion.
Whoever threatens me or family with physical violence for saying what we are entitled to say, come over and I'll defend my rights by pummeling the bejesus out of you. Then I'll sue you for injuring my knuckles with your nose. See how you'll deal with that.

There, work is done.
Now, time to enjoy life with the wife and the kids. The golf and the parties.

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