Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who to blame for the state of our country?

I was thinking, why would someone "give up"?
I'm talking about a blogger, Hussein Hamid, whose blog you can see on the side panel of this blog.
All of a sudden, he shut down his blog.
Then I saw his Surat to MT, "When you lie, are you not a liar?".
I have long followed this man's writings, and perhaps he is right.
Malaysia would be worse off if he was wrong.
Anyway, I digress.
I want my fellow Malaysians to think carefully when they vote in the upcoming General Election.

Politicians, as I have often said, are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

Everything wrong in Malaysia is a problem created by Parliament.

Too much bureaucracy? Blame Parliament.

Too many rules? Blame Parliament.

Unjust tax laws? Parliament wrote them.

Out-of-control bureaucracy? Parliament authorizes everything bureaucracies do.

Malaysians soldiers in Third World rat holes on stupid U.N. missions? Parliament allows it.

The annual Budget deficits? Parliament votes for them.

The $200 billion plus debt? Parliament created it.

To put it into perspective just remember that 100 percent of the power of the federal government comes from the Federal Constitution.

If it's not in the Constitution, it's not authorized.

Then read your Constitution.

All 100 percent of the power of the federal government is invested solely in 292 individual human beings.

That's all.

Of 26 million Malaysians, only 292 of them wield 100 percent of the power of the federal government.

That's 222 members of Parliament and 70 senators.

Anything involving government that is wrong is 100 percent their fault.

I exclude the Judges because constitutionally they have no real power and even then, their impartiality has been questioned by a lot of parties.

I exclude Bank Negara because Parliament created it and all its power is power Parliament delegated to it and could withdraw anytime it chooses to do so.

In fact, all the power exercised by the 2 million or so other government employees is power delegated from the 292.

All bureaucracies are created by Parliament or by executive order of the Prime Minister.

All are financed and staffed by Parliament.

All enforce laws passed by Parliament.

All operate under procedures authorized by Parliament.

That's why all complaints and protests should be properly directed at Parliament, not at the individual agencies.

You don't like Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negara? Go see Parliament.

You think the Police is out of line? Go see Parliament.

Parliament is the originator of all government problems and is also the only remedy available.

That's why, of course, politicians go to such extraordinary lengths and employ world-class sophistry to make you think they are not responsible.

Anytime a MP pretends to be outraged by something a bureaucrat does, he is in fact engaging in one big massive con job.

No government employee can act at all except to enforce laws passed by Parliament and to employ procedures authorized by Parliament either explicitly or implicitly.

Partisans on both sides like to blame the PM for deficits, but all deficits are Parliament deficits.

The PM may, by custom, recommend a budget, but it carries no legal weight.

Only Parliament is authorized by the Constitution to authorize and appropriate and to levy taxes.

That's what the federal budget consists of: expenditures authorized, funds appropriated and taxes levied.

BOTH Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat mislead the public.

For 50 years BN had majorities and could have at any time balanced the budget if they had chosen to do so.

Every PM could have recommended a balanced budget. Have they really?

We have annual deficits and a huge federal debt because that's what majorities in Parliament and the PM wanted.

Don't be conned.

Don't let them escape responsibility.

We simply have to sort through 26 million people until we find 292 who will act responsibly.

Politicians are the only people in the world who create problems and then campaign against them.

Have you ever wondered why, if both the BN and PR politicians are against deficits, we have deficits?

Have you ever wondered why if all politicians are against inflation and high taxes, we have inflation and high taxes?

You and I don't propose a federal budget.

The PM does.

You and I don't have Constitutional authority to vote on appropriations.

Parliament does.

You and I don't write the tax laws. Parliament does.

You and I don't set fiscal policy. Parliament does.

You and I don't control monetary policy. Bank Negara does. And who does it answer to?

70 senators and 222 Members of Parliament;

292 human beings out of 26 million people  are directly, legally, morally and individually responsible for the domestic problems that plague this country.

I exclude all of the special interests, NGOs and lobbyists for a sound reason.

They have no legal authority.

They have no ability to coerce a senator, a MP or a Minister to do one useful thing.

I don't care if they offer a politician $1 million in cash.

The politician has the power to accept or reject it.

Don't you see the con game that is played on the people by the politicians?

Those 292 human beings spend much of their energy convincing you that what they did is not their fault.

They cooperate in this common con regardless of party.

What separates a politician from a normal human being is an excessive amount of gall.

No normal human being would have the gall of Raja Petra Kamarudin, who stood up and criticized the Government for the mess they have made.

The PM can only propose a budget.

He cannot force the Parliament to accept it.

The Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, gives sole responsibility to the Parliament for originating appropriations and taxes.

Those 292 people and they alone are responsible.

They and they alone should be held accountable by the RAKYAT who are their bosses ; provided they have the gumption to manage their own employees.

So, if you really want to blame your MPs for the state of our country, you should first blame YOURSELF.

Because YOU put them there.

So think carefully, and vote in people of caliber and character.


Anonymous said...

i wish all malaysian have brain to think like you....

masterwordsmith said...

Dear Tiger,

I have said it many times, dear friend - you MUST blog more on socio-political issues. You write so passionately and beautifully!

You have made a difference with your words.:-)

God bless you and yours always.


Tiger said...

Dear Anon:0307,
I wish ALL Malaysians would just START THINKING.

I only hope to get more people to think about where this country is heading!
God Bless!

Affordable Web Hosting said...

I'm hopeful now Malaysian will divert their thinking gradually. It happens slowly.

Tiger said...

People like MWS and I are just trying to speed up the process of info dissemination.
When people do not know things, they do not think about how events will affect them.
Do you know that your Prime Minister works for YOU?

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